In some circumstances, your Insurance Company may instruct AuscoBuild to collect the policy excess directly from you.  In this instance the Excess is payable to AuscoBuild, and we deduct this amount from our final invoice to your Insurance Company.  You will receive an invoice from us, and we appreciate your prompt payment. 

When you lodge your insurance claim a service provider (in this case AuscoBuild) is appointed to assess the damage and determine whether the damage is covered by your individual Insurance Policy.  We create a scope of works for the repairs, advise you of any maintenance issues or repairs that are your responsibility and provide the Insurance Company with an estimate to undertake the repairs. The Insurance Company have the final say as to whether your claim is approved or declined.

When repairs are approved, we will contact you to discuss next steps.  Next steps will vary dependant on the size of the project, whether plans and permits are required, and various other factors all of which will be discussed with you.

Our goal is to commence and finalise your repairs as quickly as possible, working with you to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the course of repairs through to their conclusion.  We will do our utmost to minimise the impact on you and your household.